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Shark Vac Then Steam Mop Review

There is a lot to like about Shark Vac Then Steam Mop vacuum cleaner. In this one machine you get two key cleaning functions, you can vacuum your floors and you can steam mop them too. When you have a multipurpose machine there are several key advantages. Less storage space used up by several cleaning tools, less time wasted putting one thing away and getting another out and hopefully it saves you some money too. You have an easy to use lightweight vacuum cleaner and a steam mop to clean and sanitize those bare floors.

With the Shark Vac Then Steam Mop vacuum cleaner you have a portable and easy to use machine that can easily replace your current vacuum and that old Swiffer Mop you use to clean the floors. There are several times when having the Shark in your arsenal is truly a great advantage. Your toddler is running around the kitchen spilling his juice and you have two minutes before you have to leave. That same toddler spilled his cereal on the carpet and stomped on them. No need to get out two machines and lets face it be late. Get out your Shark and both messes can be dealt with.

Pros on the Shark Vac Then Steam Mop vacuum cleaner


There is a lot to really like about this cleaner. No need to buy a separate steam mop and a vacuum cleaner, makes cleaning easier, quicker, is still efficient and comes at a very reasonable price. While there are some consumers who feel there are some issues with its function in general people are happy with it when they give it a try.