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Panasonic mc-cg902 Review

In terms of what you are getting with a brand there is no doubt that Panasonic is a clearly established seller of various electronics home devices and gadgets. From ovens to cameras, tvs to speakers, electric toothbrushes, grooming products and so on there are a lot of products and generally all of them are viewed favorably. Panasonic make good quality items as can be seen when using the Panasonic MC-CG902 vacuum cleaner. So in this review lets see if its features and performance are what you need if you are on the market for a new vacuum.

MC-CG902 features

The Panasonic MC-CG902 vacuum weighs in the mid range at a little over 36 pounds. You can get vacuum cleaners that are lighter than this, but you can also get ones that are heavier. It stands 151/2 inches in height, is 281/2 inches long and is 17.2 inches in width. The dust bag is full sized so no need to constantly stop to empty something too small, and it has a nozzle width of 14 inches allowing a good sized cleaning path. Its power cord is a good 24 feet and the hose is reinforced and is another 6 feet in length. The cord wind is automatic so less work to do when putting it away after use. Its cleaning performance is very good with 12 amps of power giving great suction and the agitator ensures debris is not left behind deep in the carpet.

There are a number of attachments, a dusting brush, floor brush, crevice tool, upholstery brush and two chrome wands. Its handle is EZ grip making it easier on the hands and easier to maneuver. There is a bare floor switch so you can change settings with ease moving from carpeted to hard floors. Another nice feature is the HEPA filter ensuring even the smallest of particles, dust, allergens and such are kept trapped inside the cleaner. This is the best filtration system you can get in a vacuum cleaner and just what homes need if there are people living there with allergies.

Pros and Cons to using the Panasonic MC-CG902 vacuum


Tools for the cleaner can be stored on-board so no need to go look for them when you want to use them, or try to find storage space for them.
The automatic reel cord makes winding the cord a breeze especially useful when the cords are a good length like this one.
Can choose one of four heights for carpet cleaning depending on how thick your carpets are.
Wide 14 inch nozzle means a good sized cleaning path so less time to clean.
Switch right on the handle that is easy to use when you move from carpeted floors to bare ones.
Price is reasonable for the extras that come with it, it falls on the lower end of vacuum cleaner price ranges in fact.


Does not have a canister so the bag must be changed when it is full. This means remembering to buy extra bags and the ongoing cost of doing so. Dust bags are more likely to spill when being changed too.
While the height adjustment option is good, the process is not. A lever has to be manually adjusted and in some cases that lever is breaking because it is too fragile. People who do not have various thickness of carpets in the home do not have to worry about that though.
The tools you store onboard can be a problem as they can fall out easily and they do not fit into the compartment very well. The lid too does not always close well.

Summary on the Panasonic MC-CG902 vacuum

As we said at the beginning of this review on the Panasonic MC-CG902 vacuum cleaner it comes from an established manufacturer known for quality products, good designs, customer led development and fair prices. While there are a few issues with this cleaner, over all it is no different to other Panasonic products. It is effective, powerful, comes with great filtration, good tools and a decent performance. Those cons mentioned might put some people off but if you aware of them you can handle certain things with more care, and for the price being charged the Panasonic MC-CG902 vacuum cleaner is definitely worth considering.

Shark Vac Then Steam Mop Review

There is a lot to like about Shark Vac Then Steam Mop vacuum cleaner. In this one machine you get two key cleaning functions, you can vacuum your floors and you can steam mop them too. When you have a multipurpose machine there are several key advantages. Less storage space used up by several cleaning tools, less time wasted putting one thing away and getting another out and hopefully it saves you some money too. You have an easy to use lightweight vacuum cleaner and a steam mop to clean and sanitize those bare floors.

With the Shark Vac Then Steam Mop vacuum cleaner you have a portable and easy to use machine that can easily replace your current vacuum and that old Swiffer Mop you use to clean the floors. There are several times when having the Shark in your arsenal is truly a great advantage. Your toddler is running around the kitchen spilling his juice and you have two minutes before you have to leave. That same toddler spilled his cereal on the carpet and stomped on them. No need to get out two machines and lets face it be late. Get out your Shark and both messes can be dealt with.

Pros on the Shark Vac Then Steam Mop vacuum cleaner

  • Being lightweight at just 91/2 pounds it is very portable and it takes less than 30 seconds to get it out and be ready to use it.
  • It comes with 4 replacement pads.
  • The cleaning path width is 111/2 inches.
  • You get a good one year warranty on the machine.
  • The steam reaches 212 degrees so is hot enough to clean and to sterilize and sanitize.
  • Great price at just $149 this makes it something anyone can buy and it saves you money since you do not need a second cleaner.
  • The vacuum cleaner itself picks up debris well including pet hair and cat litter.
  • The rubber wheels mean your hardwood floors are not going to get damaged.
  • Easy to clean and to empty.
  • Bagless so no need to buy bags and replace them. The dust cup is see through so you can see when it needs emptying.
  • The minor fiber mats are easy to remove and can be washed in your washing machine.
  • After steam mopping the floors are left almost dry and any small amount of moisture left behind very quickly dries up because of how hot the water was.


There is a lot to really like about this cleaner. No need to buy a separate steam mop and a vacuum cleaner, makes cleaning easier, quicker, is still efficient and comes at a very reasonable price. While there are some consumers who feel there are some issues with its function in general people are happy with it when they give it a try.

Eureka AirSpeed Unlimited Rewind AS3030A Review

When shopping for an upright vacuum cleaner you should be looking for something that has longer power cord so you do not have to move power points all the time as you clean. It would also be very useful to have something has a cord rewind feature so you do not have to stand there winding and unwinding by hand. Of course you want a machine that also has excellent suction and is light and easy to maneuver. So here is a look at the Eureka AirSpeed Unlimited Rewind upright.

At a glance this vacuum's features

The AirSpeed technology on this machine is perhaps one of its most attractive features. It reduces the chances of losing power by making sure suction goes straight through the nozzle, not through a length of hose first, which is what other vacuums do, and why they suffer from a weak suction. If you want to use the hose though you can actually move the suction from the inlet to the hose with the turn of a knob. The hose itself is a nice length too at 12 feet. When you add that to the length of the extension wand which is 15 feet you get a good long reach for cleaning blinds, cobwebs off ceilings, upholstery and stairs.

The other top features of the Eureka AirSpeed Unlimited Rewind is its retractable power cord. It is 27 foot long and it is retractable. Often when uprights have a feature like that it impacts on the weight, reducing maneuverability. But in this vacuum it is just 15 pounds and you can use it on carpets and hardwood floors without worrying about scratching as the motorized brush can be turned on or off depending on the surface you are cleaning. Read more reviews of Eureka vacuum cleaners.

How it performs on carpets, bare floors and upholstery

Bare floor performance is good as mentioned you can turn of the motorized brush so you do not have to worry about scratches as the stiff nylon brush swooshes across the floor, and it will not just fling larger debris like cereal around it will actually suck them up. The suction is strong enough that food and small particles will get collected and the floor will be cleaned.

On carpeting you can turn that brush back on and with that and the strong suction you get an upright that is very effective, even on carpets that have a deeper plush. At the base of the vacuum is a know that lets you select the thickness you are cleaning from bare, to thin carpeting to plush. Putting it in the right setting will help make sure you get a much better result.

You can also clean your furnishings and upholstery with the Eureka AirSpeed Unlimited Rewind. There is the turbo nozzle or a brush tool depending on the kind of reach you need and what needs to be cleaned up. For something embedded the nozzle is the best option, then you can also use the dusting brush for larger pieces.

Dealing with pet hair – attachments and accessories

Pet hair is something this vacuum is very capable of cleaning whether it is on your furniture, your hardwood flooring, your carpets or your stairs. The motorized brush should reach into the carpet and deal with pet hair as well as other dirt and debris. Turn it off for hard floors and you can get those balls of hair floating across the floor. The turbo brush nozzle works a treat getting the hair out of your furniture and off the lower part of your curtains. There are four useful tools, the crevice tool, dusting tool, extension wand and turbo nozzle tool.

Cleaning the filters

It has two filters and both are ones you can wash and put back in. One is a filter for allergens so you can worry less about allergens coming back out of the vacuum, and one of them is a foam filter. As they are washable they only need to be replaced every 6 months. The allergen filter is under the dirt canister, which you have to take out to access it. The foam filter is at the top of the canister which you can get to when you life off its cover. Always make sure both are air dried completely before placing them back in.

Cost to purchase the Eureka AirSpeed Unlimited Rewind

The Eureka AirSpeed Unlimited Rewind is not a very expensive model and does a good job at cleaning. From somewhere online like Amazon you can find one for under $100 and direct from Eureka online it is somewhere over $60.


This is definitely a budget cleaner so is great for people who need a new upright but cannot afford, or do not want to pay the high prices that competitors like Shark or Dyson charge. It of course does not come with all the features they may offer but the important thing about a vacuum cleaner is whether it cleans well, and this one does. You also get a good 3 year warranty and it is versatile enough to deal with more than just a carpeted floor. The suction for a budget model is good, perhaps not as great as those top models but certainly good enough for what you want it to do.


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